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In order to obtain a green card you have to file certain forms with the UCSIC. Generally it is done in two steps.

First step is to ask USCIS to acknowledge your relationship with your sponsor (if you are filing a family-based petition), or your credentials (if you are filing an employment-based petition.) The way to do it is to file the applicable forms (I-130 for the family members, I-140 for the employment-based immigrants and various attachments that are different in every case) and enclose all information that would be helpful to the officer who is reviewing your petition.

USCIS may approve the form without any questions or call you for an interview if the officer believes that some issues that cannot be resolved based on the papers submitted. About 98% of the cases are called for an interview; so don't be scared if you are.

Second step is to file for adjustment of status, asking the USCIS to grant you permanent residence based on the already acknowledged relationship or credentials. The way to do it is to file the I-485 (again, with all applicable attachments that vary in every case.)

After this form has been filed you will be called for an interview after which the hearing officer is going to approve or deny the petition.

Though the above steps can be undertaken separately, in most cases they two steps are commingled: there is one submission package, you receive one invitation for fingerprints and later come to one major interview.


Before taking your case I will discuss the details with you via phone or e-mail or you can come to my officer for a case assessment. That initial communication is free of charge.

Following the initial intake my practice is to ask you to come to my office for one meeting. You are welcome to schedule more, but normally one is sufficient. Before the meeting I will send you a letter or an e-mail with the list of the documents that are required as part of the supporting package in your particular case and a questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire I will have the necessary forms filled out and have you sign those at our meeting.