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The information posted here does not constitute a legal advice however it may answer some of your questions. Contact me if you need help.


I assist clients with the following:

  • all aspects of family-based immigration, and employment-based visas that result in obtaining lawful permanent residence and citizenship.
    Contact me if you want to become a permanent resident and then a citizen of the US but you are not sure how this goal can be achieved.
  • obtaining work visas that allow temporary stay in US for the employment purposes.
    Contact me if you want to work in the US and your future employer is willing to sponsor your visa.
  • unreasonably delayed processing of the documents by USCIS.
    Contact me if your documents are stuck in the unknown, and infopasses do not help.
  • complex immigration litigation before the Immigration Court at all stages following the receipt of the Notice to Appear, including but not limited to bond hearings, suspension of deportation, withholding of removal, cancellation of removal, waivers and other related matters.

Criminal defense

I assist clients with the following:

  • I represent criminal defendants in Massachusetts District courts (including all divisions of the Boston Municipal Court) and in Superior courts. Representation includes arraignment/bail hearings and subsequent bail appeals in the Superior court, plea negotiations, criminal investigation, motion hearings, trials, post conviction dispositions and sealing the record. I also represent clients in course of probation surrender hearings.
    Contact me if you are accused of any crime against other persons, a crime against property, restraining order violation, drug offense, driving under the influence, or of any other crime that falls within the jurisdiction of the District or Superior court.
  • I represent clients in course of the SORB hearings: contesting the assigned level and post-assignment dispositions, appealing SORB decisions before the Superior court, prevention of dissemination, re-classification motions, representation regarding failure to register in SORB and in state courts, civil commitment hearings under sections 9 and 12 of ch. 123 of Massachusetts General Laws.
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